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Face Recognition

Face Recognition

The development of face recognition algorithm happened to be prison biometric attendance system for African country. The overall system was deployed on web server.

The overall system was deployed on web server. The system consists of image processing algorithms, Dlib library, and machine learning based Haar cascade face detection were implemented.

The complete system was implemented for 2000 prisoners and tested successfully.

Number Plate

Number Plate Recognition

The project is being developed considering access of an authorized vehicles only in residential and government office areas. The project is being developed by implementing computer vision algorithms for Indian cars as of now.

The computer vision algorithm consists of local binary pattern (LBP) based detection, thresholding of number plate and tesseract based character recognition. ANPR system can replace RFID based system and reduce the overall cost.

Gender and Age

Age & Gender Estimation and Emotion Recognition

A solution with artificial intelligence provides estimation of gender and age of viewers along with emotion recognition.

The application uses a webcam to monitor and assess the surrounding activity. The application is used to detect age and gender of users based on online face analyses with the data being processed in real time and summary statistics saved to a drive. These statistics are sent to the web application. So the app keeps track of the gender and age group of the people along with the emotion appeared while seeing the advert. Thus it also facilitates measuring the efficiency of advertisement.